Our Spirits

Everything produced at Long Dogs Distilling is hand crafted and distilled by us here in our small batch still

Kirschwasser German Style Cherry Brandy


Nebraska Pie Cherries are used in this Midwestern version of Kirschwasser.  Our Kirschwasser is a double distilled Cherry Brandy made using no sugar or flavoring.


Badger Hound Eau De Vie

45%  90 Proof

Like the lowly dachshund, who doesn’t care how big his opponent is, Eau De Vie packs a punch that challenges all comers.  Also known as “Aqua Vitae” or water of life, the distilled spirits from Grape wines were one of the oldest known products distilled.  It’s no wonder both badger hounds and eau de vie have been favorites of royalty for centuries.   Our Eau De Vie is hand crafted in small batches and made from 100% Nebraska Grapes.   Like the wine it comes from, Eau De Vie is flavor dependent upon “Terroir”.   The Southwest Nebraska soils and the weather this year set this apart from any other spirit. Sip it neat or over an ice cube for the best experience.


Nebraska Triple Stack Bourbon


Like the history of distilling in Nebraska, the Nebraska triple stack is young!  Current barrel is 11 months old.  It is a wheated Bourbon Whiskey aged in New Charred Oak barrels, then finished on French oak.  You can choose to fill your own bottle of Triple Stack right out of the barrel!


Full Circle Vodka


Our Full Circle Vodka is distilled from grapes grown right here in Arapahoe at the Old Cellar Vineyard.  Its not your normal vodka!


Chokecherry Brandy


Silver Award winner at the 2021 Craft Distillers Spirit Competition!  Wild hand picked Nebraska fruit at its finest. The exquisite flavor of this Old World styled Chokecherry Brandy will bring back memories of picking Chokecherries as a child!  All of our brandies are made using no sugar or flavorings.




Gold Medal winner at the 2022 San Diego International Wine and Spirits Challenge. The essence of Nebraska!  Eau De Vie in the Czech Style called "Slivovitz" made from hand picked Nebraska Wild Plums!


60 Pound Gold


60 Pound Gold is a Whiskey from Wheat Whiskey Mash.  85% Wheat and 15% Barley mash aged in a used bourbon barrel give this spirit a bushel full of wheat flavor!



30%. 60 Proof

Local Nebraska Corn is the cornerstone of this fresh peach flavored spirit.  Everything produced at Long Dogs Distilling is hand crafted and distilled by us here in our small batch still.  Our whiskey is double distilled and then filtered before being introduced to the peach.   It’s smooth any way you like to drink it.  Try it on the rocks, in your tea, or even just shots!



40%  80 Proof

This unapologetically young Nebraska Whiskey Distilled from Bourbon Mash wants to run!  Local Nebraska Corn and a heavy dose of wheat make up this Spirit unlike any other.   Barely caressed by a used oak barrel, Renegade is a result of the narrowest cut of heart of the run. The result is a smooth spirit that gives you the taste of the grain in every sip.  Everything produced at Long Dogs Distilling is hand crafted and double distilled by us here in our small batch still.   Non-chill filtered to retain flavor.  Sip it neat or on the rocks.



40% 80 Proof

Working with one of our local breweries we’ve developed this ground breaking spirit.  Inspired by one of their products, Thundershine has the punch you need exactly when you need it!    We take the narrowest cut from the heart of the run to give you the smoothest spirit possible.  Thundershine never touches an oak barrel and is not cold chill filtered, so it retains all of its original flavors.  Small batch distilled in Arapahoe Nebraska, and proofed with Nebraska’s best water from our “Ogallala Aquifer”.   Sip it on the rocks, or in your favorite mixed drink.


Salty Dog

30%  60 Proof

Our Salted Caramel flavored whiskey is kind of like an old hound.  He is sweet and calm, but might just tear up your carpet if he gets excited! Local Nebraska Corn is the cornerstone of this salty caramel flavored spirit.  Everything produced at Long Dogs Distilling is hand crafted and distilled by us here in our small batch still.  Double distilled then filtered before we add the caramel results in a super smooth spirit.  Its great straight, or on the rocks!