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Badger Hound Eau De Vie

45%  90 Proof

If you've every tried a grappa or a Pisco then you absolutely must try this!  Like the lowly dachshund, who doesn’t care how big his opponent is, Eau De Vie packs a punch that challenges all comers.  Also known as “Aqua Vitae” or water of life, the distilled spirits from Grape wines were one of the oldest known products distilled.  It’s no wonder both badger hounds and eau de vie have been favorites of royalty for centuries.   Our Eau De Vie is hand crafted in small batches and made from 100% Nebraska Grapes.   Like the wine it comes from, Eau De Vie is flavor dependent upon “Terroir”.   The Southwest Nebraska soils and the weather this year set this apart from any other spirit. Sip it neat or over an ice cube for the best experience.

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